AI Solutions

You are interested in using AI to enhance your business - but what is the best solution? AIDirections develops bespoke AI solution for you, or provides consultancy on existing AI solutions for your business. The decision about the most suitable solution should ideally be based on an assessment of opportunities and risks and the resulting AI Strategy. Once the opportunities and risks your business is facing with regards to AI are known, we can work with you to build a roadmap for the implementation of your AI Strategy. AIDirections can provide custom-made AI solutions for your business, our current developments focus on
  • Applications of vision and recognition
  • Sentiment analysis, e.g. for customer satisfaction
  • Translation form English to Arabic and vice versa
AIDirections also keeps a very close eye on the market, its developments and how these can best be fit to your organization.  We also Based on this information, we can work with you to identify the optimal solution for you. We can also provide a Proof of Concept for several AI solutions.