Oil & Gas

AI in Oil & Gas has a strong connection to IoT to provide the data that will be managed and analyzed by an AI application. AIDirections has strong expertise in IoT and in the combination of AI and IoT, some of the integration work required for this will be done by existing solutions of our partners; AIDirections’ contribution to AI and IoT in Oil & Gas are:
  • Safety and automation (e.g. physical security or devices & equipment security)
  • Field equipment (e.g. transmitters, valves or metering systems)
  • Power plant (e.g. power generation and distribution, thrusters and power drives or UPS and alternative green supply)
  • Operation automation (e.g. processes and compliance)
  • Lifecycle management (e.g. asset management or optimization)
  • Analytics and governance (e.g. data and content analysis or secure and controllable access)

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