Pain Detection

Based on our Facial Detection and Recognition Models, AIDirections has developed solutions for Pain Detection in different lighting conditions. It uses facial analysis to provide a pain estimation based on the PSPI pain intensity indicator. Use cases include:
  • Detecting pain when a person is sleeping, unconscious, or unable to speak
  • Detecting pain with children and infants (in development)
Using our Development Framework, the Pain Detection Solutions can be used in highly flexible environments, using the existing infrastructure and providing results that can be accessed visually or can form an input into organizations’ systems.

The video (please click on the link below) shows AIDirections' real time pain detection solution - the colour on the bars right and left of the picture indicates the pain level, red indicates strong pain, yellow milder pain, blue indicates normal status und green good. The pain detection works with a normal camera, nothing else is involved. The dots on the face only mark the muscle groups involved, they do not indicate any pain.

Pain Detection Video