Smart Cities

In combination with IoT, AI can help to make smart cities really smart. AIDirections has strong expertise in IoT and in the combination of AI and IoT, some of the integration work required for this will be done by existing solutions of our partners; AIDirections’ contribution to AI and IoT for smart cities are:
  • Safety (e.g. traffic safety or optimized emergency response)
  • Mobility (e.g. intelligent traffic management or new possibilities of transport)
  • Health (e.g. data-driven health management or digital solutions for better experience)
  • Environment (e.g. energy use optimization, air quality monitoring or electricity, water and waste tracking)
  • Connectedness & digitization (e.g. apps connecting citizens to government or digital administrative processes)
  • Reduced cost of living (e.g. dynamic electricity pricing or supporting the citizen in understanding their use of resources)

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