AIDirections offers a set of solutions, please have a look:
  • Development Framework - AIDirections' Development Framework provides the possibility of plugging AI or IoT solutions into your existing systems easily and quickly
  • Visual Sentiment Analysis - If you would like to know whether your customers are happy or not without wanting to make them clicking buttons, use our Sentiment Analysis solution
  • Facial Detection and Recognition - Whenever there is a need to detect or trace people, e.g. to understand the footfall in a shopping mall, Facial Detection and/or Recognition can help
  • Pain Detection - if people can't speak but it is important to understand whether they are in pain, and how severe it is, this solution will help
  • People Counter - in cases where it is important to understand how many people are at a certain place, the People Counter will give the answer

All data collected when using any of our solutions are handled in compliance with GDPR and the UAE requirement to keep sensitive data within UAE.