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    AI Directions

    About Us


    AIDirections helps you to create and implement a suitable AI Strategy and allows you to respond successfully to the significant and inevitable rise of Artificial Intelligence.
    AI is generating new approaches to business models, operations, and the deployment of people that are likely to fundamentally change the way business operates. A significant number of organizations are still unaware of the potential AI creates, be that for business opportunities or risks. AIDirections provides the necessary awareness and training.
    AIDirections consults on the steps an organization can take to identify the opportunities and risks that AI presents to their business, and how to achieve the desired outcome through application of bespoke AI solutions.


    About AI Directions

    Empowering organizations to transform AI advantages into innovation and success

    AIDirections was established to react to the raising demands for AI in Dubai, UAE and the rest of the world. What made us move in this direction was passion, past experience and our vision, helping organizations to make the best out of AI.

    At the beginning of 2015, I was walking with my husband to our local supermarket, Spinneys, for some shopping, and out of the blue he started to talk about AI. Whilst being perfectly aware of what AI is, yet having lost traction through the years of the latest developments, I was wondering a bit about who I have been marrying… Saying nothing, just listening, I decided to read before I form a more final picture and – WOW – he was spot on right, I almost missed the silent revolution!

    Our first ideas, and we are still believing that this is an extremely valuable part of our business, were to consult organizations, helping them to find the best use of AI, through detailed analysis of opportunities and risks.  We do believe in the idea to think before you are doing something…  As we found out, the market in the GCC, and possibly also elsewhere in the world, are more focusing on products.

    So, whilst not neglecting the consultancy part (if interested, please have a look at our Readiness Model, which was developed quite recently), we heavily started to go into product development. And here, wo do mean sincere Dubai development, no connectivity, our own AI – if interested, please look at our Solutions.

    An important message we want to give to our customers is that we are there for them, not selling pre-made boxes, but adapting our solutions to their particular needs and circumstances. If you want to have a try, please contact us.

    Our Team

    AIDirections is still a young company, extending their team as you see this site, all centered about valuable AI consultancy and the development of bespoke AI and IoT products. We are working together with a number of highest-class (as PhD level) developers here in UAE and also in South Africa, brings the latest research results into products; our core team is here in Dubai!

    Angelika is supported by a team of 5 PhDs and 6 Masters of Science in UAE,  and by a network of talents around the world.

    Our Partner