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    Eye for Safety

    Eye for Safety

    Establishing confidence and trust again in times of uncertainty and fear is one of the most challenging tasks , and targeting the most critical topic nowadays, which is the Corona Virus, AIDirections responded by developing the “Eye for Safety” which is a standalone device capable of detecting the temperature and whether people are wearing masks or not.

    Based on AIDirections framework for artificial intelligence, images are analyzed through our modular based deep learning methods to be able to detect the face and to identify the presence or the absence of the mask, within a range of 10 – 15 meters. This is coupled by a thermal sensor that detects the body temperature within a range up to 5 meters.

    The “Eye for Safety” comes in three different configurations:

    • Stand-alone device, with the advantage of easy and quick deployment;
    • Providing a device-based camera and integrating with existing temperature sensors;
    • As software only, integrating with existing thermal sensors and cameras.

    Since more than 44% of COVID-19 infections result from infected people not yet showing symptoms, making sure that safety measures are being respected become a critical topic. Therefore, empowering the process of checking on temperature and to check whether or not a person is wearing a mask by artificial intelligence will reduce the takt time at the entrance or inside a facility, and will avoid or reduce queueing and waiting time. Other advantages of our Eye for Safety include:

    • Confidentiality is maintained: no facial images or any other personal identifiable information is recorded, unless wanted. Videos are analyzed by AIDirections’ artificial intelligence (AI) only; no human will view facial images. Full compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and UAE regulations are guaranteed.
    • No information leaves the location where it is used unless permission is granted.
    • The Eye for Safety can be used in a variety of scenarios and places and can be adapted to clients’ needs.
    • Interfaces support well accepted international standards, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet communication.

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