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    Eye on Distance

    Eye on Distance

    One of the important contributors to UAE’s successful management of the Covid-19 situation is to ease the lock down whilst insisting on  social distancing. When establishing almost regular behaviour whilst there are rules to follow – AI can help to achieve this!

    The Eye on Distance is a software solution that will detect whether people are maintaining safe distances while queuing or while shopping, and generates heat maps to identify areas where social distancing cannot work, using existing CCTV cameras.

    Please note that, according to recent research, more than 44% of infections happen whilst the people infecting do not even show symptoms. In such situations, only masks and social distancing can help! The Eye on Distance can be used for

    • Raising an alarm if distance rules are violated over a longer time period;
    • Recording the results to identify hot spots or people violating the rules;
    • Production of heat maps, describing hotspot areas and help to avoid such situations.

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