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    AI Directions



    AIDirections has developed a set of blogs covering AI related topics you might find interesting.

    Opportunities and Risks of AI

    After a long time of silence, AI is recently appearing a lot in news, articles, films, etc., and people start to realize that something has happened in the background that can and will affect their lives, in business as well as privately.

    A lot of the news about AI have a negative connotation – films picture the effects of singularities can have (a good example is “Ex Machina”), and articles report about companies planning to replace workforce by AI.

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    Understanding different AI-Related Concepts

    There are several different concepts and terminology that is used when speaking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are often used interchangeably; this blog will highlight the similarities and differences of the concepts used. These are the topics addressed:

    • Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning
    • Machine Learning
    • Expert Systems
    • Artificial Intelligence
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    AI – Happiness, Hype or Hydra?

    After a longer period of intense development without a lot of public notice, AI has left the area of developers and has moved into our day-to-day life. It appears everywhere, in commercials, newspapers, blogs and prime time discussions – but how many people do really understand what AI at this point in time is, and is not? The news about AI range from salvation-promising stories via over-hyped AI statements to make services or solutions in any business sexier to dreadful scenarios related to job loss, surveillance or artificial weapons.

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    AI and Business Continuity

    On a first glance, there is not too much of a relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Continuity (BC). Different from information security, where solutions are making use of machine learning and pattern recognition already, AI and BC have not yet had too many touch points. Even when searching the web, there are many links between AI and business intelligence (possibly more obvious), yet almost nothing touching upon AI and BC.

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    AI and Banking

    The banking sector has been at the forefront of enterprise adoption of AI since machine learning became the hot topic of the business world, and nowadays there are plenty of AI applications that can be used in to make banking operations faster, cheaper and/or more secure. An overview of AI offerings in different banking sectors is listed below.

    Given the large amount of potential AI uses, a bank wishing to make use of AI in their business needs.

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