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    AI Directions


    What we offer Our Solutions

    AIDirections offers a set of solutions, please have a look:

    Eye on Distance

    One of the important contributors to UAE’s successful management of the Covid-19 situation is to ease the lock down whilst insisting on  social distancing. When establishing almost regular behaviour whilst there are rules to follow – AI can help to achieve this!

    The Eye on Distance is a software solution that will detect whether people are maintaining safe distances while queuing or while shopping, and generates heat maps to identify areas where social distancing cannot work, using existing CCTV cameras.

    Please note that, according to recent research, more than 44% of infections happen whilst the people infecting do not even show symptoms. In such situations, only masks and social distancing can help! The Eye on Distancecan be used for:

    • Raising an alarm if distance rules are violated over a longer time period;
    • Recording the results to identify hot spots or people violating the rules;
    • Production of heat maps, describing hotspot areas and help to avoid such situations.

    Eye for Safety

    Establishing confidence and trust again in times of uncertainty and fear is one of the most challenging tasks , and targeting the most critical topic nowadays, which is the Corona Virus, AIDirections responded by developing the “Eye for Safety” which is a standalone device capable of detecting the temperature and whether people are wearing masks or not.

    Based on AIDirections framework for artificial intelligence, images are analyzed through our modular based deep learning methods to be able to detect the face and to identify the presence or the absence of the mask, within a range of 10 – 15 meters. This is coupled by a thermal sensor that detects the body temperature within a range up to 5 meters.

    The “Eye for Safety” comes in three different configurations:

    • Stand-alone device, with the advantage of easy and quick deployment;
    • Providing a device-based camera and integrating with existing temperature sensors;
    • As software only, integrating with existing thermal sensors and cameras.

    People Flow

    The People Flow Solution uses AIDirections’ Development Framework to provide customers with the ability to detect and track people within a defined area using only computer vision.

    • Counting people moving in and out of a space, e.g. footfall in a retail environment
    • Creation of heatmaps to allow for analysis of people movements

    The results of the People Flow Solution can be accessed visually or can form an input into organizations’ systems.

    Pain Detection

    Based on our Facial Detection and Recognition Models, AIDirections has developed solutions for Pain Detection in different lighting conditions. It uses facial analysis to provide a pain estimation based on the PSPI pain intensity indicator. Use cases include:

    • Detecting pain when a person is sleeping, unconscious, or unable to speak
    • Detecting pain with children and infants (in development)

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    Facial Detection & Recognition

    AIDirections developed a set of models that allow for efficient face detection in complex environments, forming the basis of other solutions such as:

    • Face Recognition
    • Pain detection
    • Sentiment analysis

    These Facial Detection and Recognition Models work in real time videos and are robust in different lighting conditions. They can be used in complex environments where larger sets of people move in an unregulated way.

    Visual Sentiment Analysis

    Based on our Facial Detection and Recognition Models, AIDirections has developed solutions for Sentiment Analysis. These solutions can be applied in different real time use cases, such as:

    • Measuring customer happiness in a shop or mall
    • Measuring customer satisfaction in a government or bank
    • Monitoring the attention of pupils in a classroom

    Using our Development Framework, the Sentiment Analysis Solutions can be used in highly flexible environments, using the existing infrastructure and providing results.

    Development Framework

    Different organizations have different infrastructures, and an existing AI solution might or might not operate well with an infrastructure. Therefore AIDirections developed this framework to allow for rapid development and deployment.

    The framework is based on industry standards, such as ONVIF, REST-based interfaces and communication coordination standards. The framework employs a plug-and-play methodology that allows for various modes of operation, ranging from single system operations through to distributed and even cloud-based solutions.