Precision Farming

In precision farming, inputs are used in precise amounts to boost yields compared to traditional cultivation techniques. AIDirections is trying to make the best practices to create a user friendly, plug-and-play IoT system to help farmers in understanding and monitoring the needs and variation of their lands.

Whether you are an amateur farmer with a small greenhouse in your backyard, or a professional farmer with the need to optimize land conditions for a good crop, AIDirections precision farming solution will help you in achieving your goals.

AIDirections’ Precision Farming approach
Using multiple sensors, our precision farming solution will provide you with the following:
1. Continuous reading of data in Realtime
2. Alarming and notifications to indicate an increase or decrease in any of the metrics that are being monitored
AIDirections’ Offering:
To ensure a smooth experience for users, AIDirections offers the following
1. Ability to customize number of sensors to monitor various conditions and metrics
2. Access to AIDirections’ precision farming webapp
3. Sensors Box
4. Assistance in installing the system

AIDirections’ Aquaponics Solution
Aquaponics is a food-production method that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in the following way: fishes in a basin are fed with ammonium-rich food; this process creates nutrient-rich aquaculture water, which is given to hydroponically grown plants. One a first view, optimization is easy: just feed the fish as much as you can – but food remaining in the water poisons the water. The balance is to give the plants as much nitrogen as possible without having the fish dying.

AIDirections teamed up with an aquaponics farm in the UAE and conducted research to use AI to detect and predict the following:
1. Fishes’ behaviour during each feeding session, and their speed of eating
2. Adequate amount of nutrition needed to avoid leftovers
3. Monitoring water level in tanks
AIDirections’ aquaponic solution ensures an optimized level of nutrition for fishes with minimal residues in the water.

Why AIDirections’ Precision Farming Solution?
AIDirections aims to optimize precision farming at an efficient cost, while ensuring as smooth and yet adequate experience for users.

If you are interested to know more about AIDirections precision farming or aquaponics solutions, please contact us.

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