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AI Training and Awareness
The last few years have seen a burst of attention devoted to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. But what do these terms mean and how do they interrelate? How can businesses and organizations benefit from deploying these technologies?
Being ready for artificial intelligence success at a personal or organizational level requires taking some steps before a deep involvement. Understanding those needs, AIDirections developed tailor made AI trainings to give a hands-on knowledge for different organizational levels: a key factor before starting any project involving artificial intelligence.
AI Training for Decision Makers
It is not easy to navigate your way through the complex maze of these rapidly evolving technologies when your organization is of a large size or in a mature market. Fortunately, these courses seek to demystify the concepts and highlight the direct benefits to your organization and society. A typical training is a 3-day training covering the following topics:
1. General AI introduction: What is AI and what is it not?
2. AI in Business: How AI is disrupting the scene of business, and how to make the best use of it?
3. AI Strategy: What is the level of AI maturity and how to assess it, and why a dedicated AI Strategy is essential for success?

AI Training for IT Managers and Executives
Almost 27% of HR leaders believe AI-powered training solutions will positively impact employee retention and development. With skills gaps widening every day, it is necessary (or even inevitable) to leverage these solutions.
To address this issue, and to help organizations to thrive and not to yield when they start to adopt AI, AIDirections has developed the AI Training course for IT managers, heads and executives to help them understand more and more about the nature of AI. This training can be scheduled at different lengths, based on the availabilty of the C-Suite, and can be customized also to fit the exact needs and to cover as much topics as needed. A glimpse of topics covered :
1. Introduction to AI: a hands-on history, practices and lexamples, with real-life use cases.
2. AI in organizations: how to be prepared for the your next AI projects and how to guarantee success? AI and project management.
3. AI Strategy : the importance of AI Strategy and building a dedicated roadmap for AI in each and every department.

AI Hackathon and Training for Students
AI Hackathon on-demand to enhance AI skills for students and learners through solving real life problems using data science and coding skills.
Prior to the hackathon, an introductory training will be conducted to introduce AI to students and to prepare them to use it.

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