Sentiment Analysis

Knowing whether your customer has enjoyed their shopping experience or your staff member is offering good customer service can be a game-changer in your business! Being able to instantly identify how your customer feels about your service or product can help solve customer issues before they become negative campaign.

AIDirections has developed a Visual Sentiment Analysis solution using our Development Framework which can be used in highly flexible environments and can be applied in different real-time use cases such as:
• Measuring customer happiness in a store or shopping mall
• Measuring customer satisfaction in a governmental institute or bank
• Monitoring the attention span of students in a classroom

AIDirections sentiment analytics offers valuable insights into customer’s likes/dislikes and it allows you to have a better understanding of how to improve your customer satisfaction thus resulting in a better overall experience.

Click here to know more about our different use cases.

Face Recognition

Face recognition has proven over time to be the least intrusive and fastest form of biometric verification or authentication. Unlike other biometric traits such as palm print and fingerprint, face biometrics are completely non-intrusive.

AIDirections has developed a real-time Facial Recognition solution that is not only accurate but also extremely fast and easy to integrate.
Our solution works flawlessly on any device and all major platforms and embedded systems, both online and offline.

Since our customer’s privacy is our main concern, we guarantee that no personal information such as photos or names are stored, processed or shared with a third party, ensuring the highest level of privacy.
To customize your face recognition solution and know more about the different use cases click here.

Skin Detection
Based on other developments, AIDirections developed the capability to detect human skin just using a normal camera.
Use cases are:
1. Rescue Operations: Skin Detection can be helpful in any non-accessible area, where computers or drones are used to look for humans that might be missing, and when determining which equipment to use;
2. Disaster Management: Skin detection capabilities can be integrated on robots that can be used in case of fire or in case of natural disasters like volcanos, tornados, and earthquakes in order to optimize the time needed to rescue possible survivors.

To illustrate the functionality of our skin detection, we shot this video, where not only the skin is detected, but in a second step, for illustration purposes, has been turned blue. If you are interested to know more about the Skin Detection solution, please do not hesitate to contact us

COVID-19 Solutions
Since the first report of the infectious coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan, it has been a public health concern in China and around the world. The global health crisis is affecting societies and economies all around the world. To combat this pandemic, it may still be beneficial to wear a face mask that prevents airborne droplets from being transmitted and to maintain appropriate distances between people.
Of course, everybody is waiting for the COVID-19 situation to ease up; one of the simple but effective things that help to control the spread of this – or any other, future airborne virus – is the wearing of masks and maintaining social distance.

Eye for Safety
The Eye for Safety was developed to support the continuation of relatively normal life, whilst maintaining safety rules to avoid the spear of COVID-19. This AI solution can, using a normal camera e.g., in a mall, identify whether people are wearing masks or not.
The Skin Detection solution was developed to make the Eye for Safety work in day-to-day situations, such as in a mall, where many people with varied masks are moving around. It turned out to be easier to detect then skin then identifying all the different masks.

Additional Use Cases:
1. Contained areas: safety managers would like to understand whether workers are wearing masks as an essential part of their job for example in hospitals, food plants etc.
2. Construction and Manufacturing: it is needed to wear masks at all times to decrease work related accidents and this can be easily achievable using AIDirections’ Eye for Safety.

Eye on Distance
Maintaining the appropriate social distance is another way of avoiding the spread of any infection – the Eye on Distance identifies the distance that people have to each other, can raise a notification in case this distance is below a predefined threshold.

If you are interested in applying any of the above solutions in your environment or would like to understand which further developments can be taken from here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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