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Suitable strategies are not an easy task to achieve; yet having a dedicated strategy for disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is needed for any business to survive in the coming years.
As strategies are a major contributor for an organization’s development and growth, we at AIDirections believe that success in AI projects is far more likely if a well-suited AI strategy is in place. To achieve an optimized ROI when implementing AI technologies, organizations should have a well-documented AI strategy, which supports linking the identified business objectives to AI technologies that help to achieve the best results.

AIDirections develops tailor-made AI strategies for organizations, followed by a roadmap for implementation. AI strategy development by AIDirections can take place:
• at a higher conceptual level to set initial direction,
• use an in-depth approach to identify AI opportunities and risks (MIMORAI©) unique to an organization.
This work is based on in-depth experience of strategy development and can be applied for any organization planning to use AI.
AIDirections assessed 15 governmental entities in UAE to accelerate their adaptation of AI and has applied its AI Readiness Model to help them in understanding their strengths and weakness across 3 different pillars:
1. Digital Transformation
2. Data Governance
3. AI Culture, opportunities, and risks

The project helped these governmental organizations in identifying the roadmap needed to achieve a successful adaptation of AI technologies through a clear and well-defined strategy.
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